Stop Filling In Your Eyebrows Every Morning

Try microblading to get low-maintenance, semi-permanent eyebrows

You don't have to stress about drawing on the perfect eyebrow every morning. With microblading services from Oh So Lavishhh, you can have semi-permanent eyebrows and skip filling in your brows altogether. This semi-permanent tattoo will make your morning routine even easier. Our team can do your initial microblading and touch them up to keep your brows looking sharp.

Get the brows you've always wanted by booking an appointment at Oh So Lavishhh today.

What is the process for microblading?

If you've never had microblading done before, it's important to know what the process looks like before you show up at the salon. When you show up for your appointment, your technician will:

  • Speak to you about the look you are trying to achieve
  • Stencil an outline onto your brows for you to see
  • Numb the area to make the process comfortable for you
  • Microblade the stencil for semi-permanent brows
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