Leave Your Mascara Behind for Eyelash Extensions

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Applying mascara every morning can be frustrating, especially if you add false eyelashes into the mix. Oh So Lavishhh can give you beautiful, luscious eyelash extensions to give your eyes a whole new look.

Once you've completed the initial application, you'll want to keep your face dry for the first 48 hours to ensure the lashes don't come loose too soon. After the lashes dry, you can enjoy all the benefits for up to three weeks. We can help you take care of the removal process or touch them up if you'd like to keep the lashes longer.

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3 benefits of eyelash extensions

Eyelash extensions are a great option for many reasons. Having eyelash extensions will:

  1. Shorten your daily routine. Eyelash extensions last up to three weeks, so you won't have to worry about applying mascara every morning or taking it off at night.
  2. Enhance your eyes. Since eyelash extensions make your lashes look fuller and longer, they'll draw more attention to your eyes.
  3. Save you money on lashes. If you regularly apply disposable false lashes, eyelash extensions could save you money in the long run. You won't have to spend money on mascara, either.
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