Use Eyelash Extensions to Brighten Your Eyes

Make a trip to Oh So Lavishhh for your lash extensions

If you're searching for a way to make your morning routine a little easier, consider booking an appointment for eyelash extensions or microblading at Oh So Lavishhh. Toss out your messy mascara and forget about your eyebrow pencil; save yourself time and money with these beauty-enhancing treatments.

Enhance your eyes in just one visit

Eyelash extensions can create a dramatic effect for your eyes, drawing attention to them every single day. You won't have to worry about applying mascara every morning to get the long, luscious lashes you want. The team at Oh So Lavishhh can apply your full set of eyelash extensions, handle the upkeep and remove them when you decide to let your lashes breathe.

Microblading gives you a semi-permanent alternative to filling in your eyebrows. Instead of penciling in your brows every morning, simply wake up and walk out the door. We'll take care of the initial microblading and touch-ups to ensure you have strong brows that add definition to your face.
















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Why choose Oh So Lavishhh for your services?

Finding the right salon is crucial. Oh So Lavishhh will provide you with:

  • A friendly, welcoming environment. Our team will make you feel right at home.
  • Experienced staff members. We have years of experience and know the best tricks to create your ideal lashes and brows.
  • First-rate eyelashes and microblading services. You'll leave our salon instantly satisfied with the results.
Make your eyelash extension or microblading appointment with us today by calling 205-723-3404.